Saturday, April 30, 2011

Passion fruit macaron with chocolate ganache

Not exactly the Paris post that I've planned, but since macaron is from France I supposed the entry is still related, in a way. To be honest I was never a fan of macaron's taste. I found it too sweet and found a taste similarity with meringue which also not a cup of my tea but the macaron's look is a different story. I always adore its colours and shapes hence for me macaron is like the idiom 'beauty is only skin deep'.

However after I tasted Pierre Herme's macaron not only it's screaming perfection in its look but it's also tasted amazing, beautiful inside out - definitely not like the macarons that I've tasted before.

So here's my first attempt to create macarons at home. But certainly can't take full credit for this one, the process was led by my friend who did a one day course at Laduree (jealousyy..)

The recipe was based on Pierre Herme's macaron although we did tweak the recipe a bit and made a passion fruit shells in addition. However our one didn't have a strong passion fruits, will do more research where to get a proper passion fruits syrup! Or please message me if you know where to get a good (and affordable) baking stuff.

Beginner's luck :)

We actually tried to make the green tea macaron last time but didn't turn out like we wanted to so I was a bit discouraged then but the disappointment only last for two days. I've been baking more after that, i.e other experiment cakes - I will post it one day (better not saying soon since we both know it's not true).

There's definitely a certain satisfaction when the freshly baked goodies came out from the oven and it's a great feeling when you're able to share it with people that you love, and oddly I actually find piping the dough is soothing.

Ah food definitely makes me happy. Either make it, eat it or taking photos of it.

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