Monday, June 6, 2011


Didn't receive a good impression when I made the booking over the phone. I had to leave a message but no one actually called me back to confirm the booking so I had to call twice. And apparently I wasn't the first one, some reviews sites stated their tone changed when they knew you used the Scoopon deals.

Yes we bought a Scoopon deal but I thought the whole point of having the deal is to lure people to try the food and most importantly to get the people back even without a coupon deal. Well this is most definitely not the case.

First they gave us the wrong menu, apparently the Scoopon deal people received a different menu than the normal diners, didn't make us feel like a second class at all.

A complimentary tomato soup from the chef was actually a highlight, and I'm not even a big fan of tomato soup, what an irony.

When the entree came, I thought it's only for one person - not two dishes put on the same plate obviously I was wrong. I definitely not paying $14 for two small pieces of chicken or what the so-called kebab. Both of the entree were actually quite cold and the chicken looked a bit raw, Moco had the benefit of the doubt and decided not to finish it.

Unlike the entree that came really quick, the main didn't come until 45 minutes..

The duck was a bit tough and the baby goat was soft however both of the curry sauce are a bit too watery for us.

The dessert has been chosen for us, which was rose water ice cream with sweetened vermicelli. I don't like Indian dessert in general since I found it too sweet so I didn't have much expectation, and glad that I kept it that way.

Funny story, an hour after finishing the dinner I received a call from the restaurant questioning where we were since we have missed out booking. Huh? Confused what?

This is definitely one of the restaurants that Moco and I won't be coming back to, and we don't actually have a long list of restaurants that we don't like.

At the mean time I think we're gonna stick with the Indian restos that we know and be more careful when purchasing meals deals on the websites again.