Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taste of Shanghai part 2

So far it seems that my plan to catch up with the blog before I go overseas this Sunday will most likely to be fail. Didn't say that because I'm a pessimist, but mostly because I'm trying to be realistic. 20 posts to go and imagine how many posts I have to do after 7 weeks of holidays!

Let's make it 19 posts to go..shall we?

A while ago we went to this dumpling joint in World Square because Din Tai Fung was closed and left us with no choice. But this time we actually went there because we wanted to :)

I remember it was on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago, I was having a bad day so I decided I just had to get a good dinner to compensate!

For the starters we ordered the usual siao lung bao...

And then it gets better with these fried dumplings and the usual minced pork with green beans:

I always wanted to try the crab with salty egg, but I thought I should wait for a larger crowd to share it with. But not that night, I wanted it and I shall have it bwahahaha (I had a bad day remember?) Anyway I sorted out the craving but dang that salty egg was so salty (DOH..) And just sharing it between us two, we ended up with so much left over lol..

It won't take genius to work out what we ate for the next few days...

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