Thursday, April 1, 2010


Okay now I'll try my new method to just post whatever recent events that I went to and deal with the older posts when I got a chance :)

Look where Moco took me for my birthday! hehe wasn't actually a surprise since I requested to go there =p

I saw Manu on the street a couple of weeks back and I regretted I didn't ask him for a photo so I was half hoping by going to his restaurant I could have a photo with him, no?

Soon I got there I peaked my head straight to the kitchen - he wasn't there but there's no harm of trying! Soon as we sat down I overheard the lady on the table behind us was quite disappointed she couldn't see Manu that day - oh lady you're not alone!

I've checked the menu before we went there so I pretty much knew what I wanted to order (it doesn't happen too often - per say..)

Moco and I decided to get the 2 courses lunch with me having an entree and a main and Moco chose to get a main and a dessert.

Moco was quite surprised when I ordered the Mackerel as my entree, since I can't stand mackerel fishy smell however when I asked the (sweet Franchie) waiter, he assured it won't be fishy but it'd be salty. It doesn't mean much to me since I don't like salty food either, but hey I still wanted to order it. And glad that I did!

Look how fantastic my entree looked and what a generous serving for an entree too!

As the main, I went for the Kingfish and Moco was very much eager to try his butcher's steak, and soon you can see why..

Yummy giant king fish and the buttery mash beans on the bottom!

What a perfect colour of the steak!

Moco's dessert - the Creme Brulee, I'm not a fan of creme brulee but according to Moco it was superbb!!

The generous portions still amazed me, sometimes French restaurant invested more in their decor and I ended up with two pieces of tiny meats I could barely see. I demand quality and quantity yeah!

Bottom line I enjoyed it very much, it's a wonderful lunch with a perfect companion. Didn't get to see Manu but I think we're lucky to get such beautiful weather on the last day of summer, enjoying the cozy spot at the back courtyard and relaxing French music at the background. Merci Moco! xx


  1. this place is on my wishlist to try. thanks for sharing. it's good to see that the serving sizes are decent. the creme brulee looks as good as the one i've had at tabou. i've spoken to manu outside the restaurant a couple of weeks ago and apparently he only works in the kitchen tuesday to give the other chef a break. that's the time when i want to visit. :-)

  2. Hi Simon, thanks for the comment. That's awesome you got a chance to speak with Manu! Wish I knew about the special Tuesday earlier. Hope to read your visit there soon :)