Sunday, September 12, 2010

China Doll it really that long ago since my last blog? Don't know how I'm so good at procrastinating :(

We are slowly crossing out the places we wanted to go, and still the list looks endless so I really don't know when and how to post it all, but hey - one step at a time eh? :)

I remembered it was a beautiful winter weekday night, not too cold so we decided to walk from the City to Wooloomooloo to work on our appetite. We always try to go out on a weekday - creating something that Moco and I can look forward to during the daytime. Surprisingly it only took us about 15mins but it might be our first and last time to walk down there. The road was kinda dark and scary, shame though cause otherwise it would have been a lovelier walk.

But the important part, we arrived safely and hungry! The place was half empty when we walked in around 7pm but in just a few minutes it was packed, guess everyone had a booking at the same time.

For starters Moco ordered sashimi and I ordered sang choy bow.
As you know I'm quite picky when it comes to raw fish, but trust me this one was worth it. The sauce was just so refreshing, the fish was so fresh - I just kept on stealing Moco's food!

Personally I found my entree too salty, so I was happy to swap my entree with Moco's anytime ;)

For the mains, Moco was contemplating between the curry and the beef and finally settled on the beef. Well after we tasted the beef, he kinda wished he picked the curry instead. The beef was rather tough and seriously nothing special. We much preferred Spice Temples's beef brisket.

But on the other hand my main was the champion of the night, the duck was just so beautifully cooked and the meat was so succulent..perfect. I almost wanted to lick my fingers just to make sure I got all the juices.

So no surprises, we were particularly pleased with the sashimi, the duck and my cocktail and of course loving the bathroom's Oriental decor but considering the price and the audience we think they could have provided better service at the restaurant. But of course that's just our personal opinion. :)

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