Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indo part 3

Last part of the Indo trip, most photos showed the 'westernized' food - actually to be fair they were influenced from all over the world. I have to admit, Indo is quite creative when coming to 'adapting' :)

hainanese rice burger..i think it's pretty cool!

something prawn, something fried, with melted cheese must be good..

not your traditional baked salmon..

eel pasta! who would have thought? me likey! if only they can put more eel?

well presented pizza, again..if only they're a bit more generous with the ingredients - i can buy five portions of nasi goreng on the street for the prize of this tiny pizza *grumble*

beautifully cooked pad see ew!!! i actually thought indo is not the place for having thai food, i was obviously wrong.

nothing to be bragged, i've had better.

the picture is rather deceiving. will stick to my usual nasi goreng.

again, will stick to my nasi goreng. man, why i never had a good pineapple fried rice??

not too bad, but had better in sydney.

this is good. walked in to this resto with my dad randomly, no regrets.

just beautiful..i love fusion sushi, read: i'm a raw food prude. and indo has more variety of fusion sushi than in anywhere else that i know (ok maybe except singapore..)

i know i've said this way too many times, but this is gotta be one of my fave dishes in indo. fried eel with crunchy and yummo.

Align Centeromg it's been ages that i had the real pork satay on the street. the experience with all the mozzies totally worthed. so good.

a must have with the pork satay. don't bring your first date, the onions speak for themselves.

pork ribs on the street, awesome.

yes when i said on the street, it really was on the street.

apparently this is a taiwanese noodle soup, i never had it before so i wouldn't know if they lied to me. who cares.

love it love it love it. one of the best pad thai i've ever eaten

japanese dessert in indo cost an arm and a leg. i guess you paid for the air con?

chicken caesar salad was surprisingly nice and the portion was quite generous

definitely not my cup of coffee. but according to my friend, it's delish..who knows.

my friend has been raging about this chips at this french bistro, and i was like, really? i came all the way here and you wanna take me to eat chips? i mean don't get me wrong, i LOVE chips with all my heart but i'd rather having something different you know what i mean? but anyway i gave it ago, and you know's not too shabby for aggy ;) too bad they don't have wedges in indo, i reckon it'd be a big hit

and having it with fancy drinks...what't not to like?

last pic for indo :(

red bean and pineapple inside your kebab? only in asia :)

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