Sunday, July 25, 2010

Indonesia part 2

Started my new job earlier than expected hence the delay (excuses.excuses.excuses..)
But on a more serious note, I actually back to a M-F job so I think I'll have (even) less time to update the blog :(

Anyway now whilst I'm waiting for Moco to cook Sunday Brunch..I'll try to continue with the holiday photos :)

Most of the photos were taken during the road trip from Jakarta-Bandung-Yogyakarta (West Java to Central Java)

assorted crackers on the side road

not in Indo if you don't get the nasi goreng :)

martabak telor..

fresh peanut mochi :)

my fave hotie..

fish belly chinese style

Moco's enjoying taking photos of Prambanan

honey baked prawn in Yogya - surprisingly so spicy!!

fresh grilled corn with the original blue band butter

Chinatown sweets galore

Oh so hungry now! But luckily Moco is ready with brunch, I'm a lucky wife indeed :)

Rosti with crispy bacon, soft boiled egg, butter mushroom and salad..yum..

Perfect egg Moco xx

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