Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jakarta part 1 - traditional Indo food

Indonesia has so many islands and traditions, by saying that each of the island and region normally has their own traditional food. Luckily for me most of the food can now be found in Jakarta. You can find the traditional abang-abang/ hawker food for the real thing or if you feel a lil bit more international you can visit any food court in a shopping centre or go straight to a French bistro - still in the same shopping centre (most of the shopping centres in Jakarta are massive compared in here, it's always hot in Jakarta hence people could spend hours and hours in a mall).

When possible I will try my best to categorize the food, here's for more traditional Indo food and the other one for the Fusion side - coming next ;)

Without further due here are some of the photos that I managed to take - when I was able to hold back myself before attacking the food..oh miss you so much my perfect ketoprak ulek! (as you know I'm still in my mission to find the perfect ketoprak here, so if you have any information don't hesitate to share it with me!)

the real thing


Bangka's Noodle with their trademarks of very thin noodle and generous beansprouts

Seafood Medanise Kwetiaw with banana leaf underneath

Afternoon snack on the street - they sell lots of these in front of the schools, yes there's a period when I always bought it after school..psst don't tell my mom!

Liver satay Javanese style (too sweet for my liking)

Chicken Soto, uploading this photo yesterday made me craving some too, luckily I got all the ingredients handy so guess what we had for dinner last night - Moco certainly didn't complain, chicken soto is best for winter :)

Baso Abang-Abang with Es Cendol, definitely one of Indo's signature dishes combo.
The Ibu is preparing my fave bubur ayam (chicken porridge)..

Wish I coud have this right ultimate bubur ayam with chicken liver and crackers and a bit oil sauce and chili!! aarghh so yummy..

Ah..I heart fresh grilled fish with sambal!!

Different style of Indo's Mie - trademark is the crunchy bit on the top of the chicken

My first time trying papaya's flower, surprisingly not too bad (me not a big fan of papaya I think they stink..)

Can't be in Indo if I don't eat the fresh Tempe with sambal!

Padang's Satay, not exactly my fave satay style but there were odd times I was craving for it, Maduranese satay style with lots of peanuts is definitely my satay style winner

One of 'my must eat dish' whenever I go to Indo, only one place could make the perfect butterfly fish (okay two now since now they have a branch..)

Banana fritter with shredded cheese and choco sprinkles, Moco found it so weird when he first saw it but hey he found it okay after he tasted it :)

To Be Continue..

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