Monday, February 1, 2010

Aneka Soto

Still plenty of posts to go until the present time.

We're currently still travel back in time, this was after I told Moco I had Indo's food for the Hen's night dinner (on Friday) so on Sunday lunch we decided to visit an Indo's noodle place that we haven't visited for a while down in Mascot. But to our greatest surprise, the place has now moved to Kingsford, to be rejoin with the rest of Indo restaurants I supposed?

Still wanted to have Indo's cuisines but not willing to drive back to Kingsford, we just realized there's another Indo restaurant just across the street!

Apparently the restaurant has been around for more than three years but Moco and I just never heard about it, oh well let's give it a go :)

Just like the nite at Joy, we had the rissole as the appetizer

As my personal preference I liked Joy's rissole better since I found Joy's sauce was more peanuty and the rissole itself was more ragouty *don't think ragouty is even a word? =p

the kerupuk putih (white cracker) that always made me feel like home :)

I was so excited when I saw the 'ketoprak ulek' on the menu. I love peanuts based dish and ketoprak is definitely one of my Indo's fave dish so I'm quite critical of it. I still haven't found the dish that tasted like the one I really liked at home yet, not even close. So I always try it whenever I go to a new resto.

Unfortunately it seems I still have to keep on looking..

Soto Mie

I quite like Moco's soto mie, but still to be honest it's nothing compared to hawker's soto mie I had across to my old school.

Moco loves empal, we already found the good empal place but always curious if we could find a better place to order it. So we tried it but we found the empal was a bit too hard for our liking. The liver was okay, it's dry just the way I like it.

Empal and ati goreng (fried marinated beef and fried liver).

So I guess there's a reason why this restaurant was named 'Aneka Soto' which literaly means 'Various Soups'. They're obviously strong in the soupy dishes. We might just need to stick to our regular Indo's resto to get out empal supply and I will still need to keep on looking for the great ketoprak ulek but I guess we wouldn't mind to come back to try other soupy menu and of course some kerupuk putih :)

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