Friday, February 12, 2010

Bondi Wedtfield Food Court

Whoah I finally am speeding up the post here, I only five posts behind how good is that?

Normally I wouldn't find anything special with food in a food court, but I found the fancy food court in Bondi Westfield was quite entertaining. I can't think of any other food court that has beautiful landscape view nor a dish that costs like in a normal restaurant. Okay I might be a bit exaggerating here but really for me food court has a price range of $7-$10 max. Not $10-$18.

I had the biggest doubt when I saw this overpriced Thai food with menu that looked like just a made-up menu. But surprisingly I thought the pad see ew I ordered was fantastic. Maybe I was starving when I ordered it, but really I liked it. They used the extra flat noodle that I liked, the refreshing lime sauce that I liked, so I got no choice but to like it!

Lime and peppercorn chicken pad see ew

Moco on the other hand, wasn't as lucky. He picked the burrito meal that I think we both liked the chips more than the burrito =p

Definitely nothing compared to burritos we had before..but it's a good value I supposed, $9.90 for burrito, chips and drinks.

So I guess that's where my food court meal prejudice came from - you go to food court for the dollar saver not exactly the taste (although sometimes you just never know your luck).

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