Saturday, February 13, 2010

La Renaissance Café Patisserie

This might sounds cliche, but it is one of my favourites cafes in Sydney. It's French and it's located at The Rocks - all tourist boxes ticked.

I always believed the best cafe is the hidden one in a laneway, far from the main street and only advertised word of mouths. But this cafe stole my heart from my first visit and again despite of the touristy location (fyi touristy location = rocketing prices), it just kept on calling my name to come back there.

I have tried various cakes from there and I gotta say they all pretty darn good. Their macarons are quite a big hit too, some of my friends even claimed it better than Zumbo's macarons! I would actually don't have much comment for it, as myself not a big fan of macarons (most of the times I found it too sweet). I mean of course I'd be happy to snatch one but if I had to choose one pastry, I won't hesitate to order the Passion de Pierre - A light creamy passionfruit mousse, with a layer of raspberry jelly, encased in joconde and decorated with fresh seasonal fruit.

For a pretty small cake the price is a bit at the high end, for each visit Moco and I would spend at least $20 - that's two coffees and two cakes. Of course you can cut your budget and just order a take away, but it'd also take away the imagination of having patisserie in a Paris bistro. Imagination certainly does cost money these days.

For that beautiful Saturday arvo, Moco chose to have the Chocolate Eclair - Traditional choux pastry filled with chocolate pastry cream and topped with chocolate fondant.

Oh so many beautiful pastries, so little time.


  1. The Passion de Pierre looks so yummy.. would love to have a bite of it :)

  2. Looks yummy and tastes yummy too! A bite wouldn't be enough =p

  3. I always love a good patisserie, the only problem is what do I choose to eat. I like the look of the Passion de Pierre, layers of fruit, jaconde and mouse will always be a hit.

  4. Ooh, I'm a big fan of La Renaissance Café Patisserie. I do look forward to their macarons...I was never big on macarons before I had theirs. And I have had Zumbo's ones too. :)