Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kelly's Bar and Grill

I'm quite picky with steak since I don't like it raw but when I ordered it medium it's normally really tough. There's only few places where I'm able to find a perfect steak - perfect in my definition of course.

If I could choose anywhere in the world to have steaks then I would choose to go to Takayama where Moco and I had the best beef we've ever had.

But in Sydney, Kelly's at Bondi Westfield would be my choice. I've been raving about the steak I had at Kelly's to Moco since we first dated actually but I just never got a chance to prove it to him until his birthday this year :)

I know the place is always busy even on the weekdays so I made a booking beforehand and requested a table near the window that had a view of the skyline.

But of course we had to get some appetizers before going to the steak.

Lovely fresh and warm brioche

Mixed entree platter with calamari rings, buffalos wings and boerewors*

In my mind I actually had a lil doubt since it was a long time ago when I had that perfect steak, what if it's only perfect in my memory?

Here it comes..
Kelly’s sensational eye fillet with a 3 peppercorn crust and extra king prawns

But thankfully they still got it, the steak might looked a bit small but it was still the perfect steak. It's perfectly medium with a full tenderness of high quality meat with an exquisite taste. The prawns were also beautifully marinated and superb! Oh and I love the onion rings too :)

The birthday boy ordered the scotch fillet with pork ribs on the side with extra mushroom sauce.

Opposite of me, Moco loves his steak medium rare. So first impression wasn't too good for him since he found his steak was just medium instead. But the manager took the steak back to the kitchen and got him a new steak :)

Steak round two!

We must have been really hungry when we ordered, didn't realize we got another side dish!

Mushroom with lemon and garlic

Well done Kelly! Great food, great service and great view. I've succesfully made Moco to admit it's a great place to have a steak :)

* boerewors: traditional South African pure beef farmers sausages with monkey business sauce (tangy BBQ sauce)

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