Monday, February 1, 2010

January Weddings

Three weddings in January, four actually if you counted the marriage registry of my cousin where Moco and I were the witnesses :)

I might jump ahead of time now but I thought it would be easier to put all the weddings together.

The first reception was back in the middle of January and was taken place at Baulkham Hills. Very intimate and beautiful venue. Moco and I always shared each other dish so we have no problem with the rotating menu.

The three courses meal were great although I found the appetizers were too cheesy - but that's me. I'm still building my way to like cheese more. The main dishes were also nice but I found the risotto in the spatchcock was too watery. As for the desserts, to be honest I found it too sweet, but again it's just me I'm quite picky with sweet stuff as well. I loved to dip the biscotti into the ice creams though - it's amazing :)

Pumpkin cannelloni with ricotta - love the fresh sweetness of the pumpkin

Cheese quiche - olive and rocket salad with special tomato sauce

Tender spathcock on the bed of risotto and green beans

Crispy salmon on the bed of the boiled potato and fresh veggies with creamy sauce

Sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and refreshing vanilla ice creams

Creme bulle and pistachio biscotti

The pretty wedding cake

The next wedding was exactly on the next day. This time we headed north to Newport function centre. The wedding had a beautiful water view :)

We had an Asian twist in the appetizer with the chicken and lemon grass which I liked so I let Moco finished the beef ravioli. The main dishes were quite standard wedding dishes, but I gotta say the chocolate dessert was one of the best desserts I've ever had!!

Beef ravioli with anti pasto sauce (I found the beef too tough though)

Lovely chicken and lemon grass salad so refreshing

Crispy Salmon on the bed of granny smith apple - interesting mix of the apple flavour

Beef steak on the bed of mashed potato, kinda looked like a black lump but the taste was not too bad..

Tiramisu which I found a bit too creamy for my liking :(

My highlight dish of the night - chocolate tart with poached cherry yum! :)

So finally we came to the last wedding in January which fell on the last weekend of January too. The reception was taken place at Conca D'oro in Inner west. It has a similar decor with Le Montage wedding venue (well since they are in the same group), I totally love it. I love candles decorations and I think it made the venue looks extra beautiful.

We had a quite long lists of appetizers just like what we had in Le Montage a while ago.

Italian wood fire rolls

And then the fried calamari and olives to be shared on the table

We also had two more appetizers!!

Moco always lucky whenever we had antipasto dish since I'm not a big fan of it =p

Here comes the main..

Long list of appetizers and long list of desserts too ;)

Creme bulle with the side of wedding cake and chocolate straw :)

Biscuit platter, nice mixture of turkish delight, Asian cookies and chocolate truffle but again were all too sweet for me!

But not too worry, the espresso came to balance it out :)

Moco and I - enjoying our meal :)

I think you're not supposed to have high expectations of wedding dishes since there will always be a challenge to cook so many dishes in such a short time.

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