Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joy Cafe and Superbowl

My first Indo's hens nite here! and to celebrate it we had dinner in an Indo restaurant =p

Well that's what happened but we actually didn't plan to have dinner there, initially we just wanted to have a snack!

ragout rissole with peanut sauce

But looked what we ended up with..

lontong sayur (rice dumplings and chicken with curry sauce)

nasi uduk (coconut rice with fried chicken and side dishes)

signature chicken noodle - my friend put way too much chili. Too hot for everyone!

Tongseng (goat curry) - this is surprisingly yummy hehe

After dinner we went to buy some snacks and got back to the hotel. However at 1am we decided it's time for another snacks. So we head back to chinatown to get some chilli fish balls!

Fishball attack!

Refreshing drink for the heat

I guess it always started as a snack but again look what we ended up with...

Salt and pepper deep fried tofu (quite pricey though $16.80 for this?)

Pork mince congee - never say no to congee :)

Never ate so much for a hens nite before!!

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