Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Hippos

First post in 2010!

I'm about three posts behind..but it's okay we'll get there :)

We went to this restaurant for dinner with Moco's family just after the road trip, Moco's been here before and he said it's quite I need to prove that for myself.

It's really a tough choice for what's my fave Asian cuisine, but if I could only choose one I think it would be between Thai and Indo (followed by Viet, Chinese, Jap and Korean). Luckily I don't have ever have to choose..

I'm not a big fan of the Thai/Lao sticky rice though. But seemed everyone else on the table enjoyed it :)

The first dish was traditional Lao Sausages, these are made of pork and lots of spices, they are definately not for those watching their fat intake but you know the rule fat equals flavour and these have plenty of it. They provide a dipping sauce that is a mix of fish sauce, chilli and rice powder that gives it an extra zing.

Next up was prawn Tom Yum, Moco assured me that last time he had it there was a great sourness and plenty of flavour however this time around the chef might have forgotten to add something because everyone on the table agreed it wasn't that nice. Off night perhaps, it was really busy but at least they were generous with the prawns.

Cooked beef larb is something that you don't see real Lao people eating that much, you can see them eating the ones that are either rare or even raw! This cooked version is a safer bet and since Moco's mum can't eat spicy foods we had it mild, which still had it's fair share of chilli inside.

The Chicken Satay was next which came in quite late considering it's an entree. However they were really tender and worth the wait. The satay sauce was great as well.

Moco's brother wanted some more beef so we got the Tiger's Tears. Not sure how it gets that name but it's essentially grilled beef. I think they over cooked this one because it wasn't as tender as we would have liked, with some pieces being a bit too chewy.

Now for the grand finale the Fried Fish with Chilli Jam, we had specified a big fish since there were five of us and it looked great. Reminded me a bit of my fave fried fish back home but it was lacking the Chilli Jam. The fried pieces of fish and refreshing paw paw salad was just begging for some more sauce to be dipped in.

Overall it was great value and a nice way to finish a long day. We'll be back to again on a quieter night to see what the chefs can do when not under so much pressure.

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