Monday, January 4, 2010

Balti Fish Curry

We realized two things over these last couple of days, we had:
1. eaten out too often
2. eaten too much of Chinese food

So we decided tonight we'd like to cook something at home that's not too Chinesey. We somehow came up with the same idea. Curry. But which curry. Thai curry? Indian curry? Indo curry? Malaysian curry? Wow aren't we lucky, at least those options are available for us.

Wandering around the grocery shop we stumbled into the Indian isle and saw this curry paste that we've never heard of before. Balti curry. Hm..interesting. We've gone through butter chicken, beef vindaloo, and other dishes that India has created for Western world, but not this one. So as you may have guessed we took the challenge and decided to cook our version of Balti curry.

Who could tell that barramundi, green beans, baby corn, Lebanese eggplants are not the original ingredients of Balti curry? If it's not then they should really consider adding those ingredients in. Curry never tasted so good when you can just chuck everything you wanted in.

After all that's the joy of home cooking right when you can just throw anything you like in the pot :)

The instant microwaveable pappadums certainly make life easier. It kept myself up all night coughing though, so I guess in that case it has made my life not that easy :(

Moco decided to be pretentious with his plate..

Whilst me as usual can't be bothered to do so..

And what could be more perfect that a home made banana cake with chocolate ice cream for dessert?

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