Sunday, January 3, 2010

Din Tai Fung and Wow Cow

Taking out a visitor for dinner is always a good excuse to eat out. This time my Junior HS friend came visiting from Melbourne with her bf. She requested to have some xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung. But unfortunately they don't take booking for less than 10 people, so in the gloomy weather we took a number and lined up joining the rest of the queue..

But the wait was worth it if you came here for the xiao long bao. The skin was beautifully made and had the perfect texture, not too thick and not too thin.

Moco chose drunken chicken and beef brisket noodle that night. The drunken chicken had quite a strong 'drunkeness' than what Moco and I expected. But again the beef brisket was more tender than we expected, so I guess that evens it out. Moco claimed the noodle didn't taste like a traditional la mien hand made noodle though, whilst me on the other hand whose not a big fan of la mien - couldn't really taste the difference..

The string beans and mince pork was quite nice and added a pleasant green colour on the table but just ordinary like what I normally have in Chinese restaurants.

Didn't find anything special with the spicy dumplings either. I got the same reaction from Moco, he agreed it would be a dish that you wouldn't order twice.

I think the prawn mayo dish was a bit over the priced. I liked the description that they have on the menu (I mean what could go wrong with prawn, mayo and pineapple?) but it certaintly wasn't the best prawn dish I've had and certainly wasn't worth $22.80 for just 8 prawns.

Overall it's only the xiao long bao that managed to impress me. And if I wanted to just have xiao long bao, I'd rather go to Ashfield where there would be less of a queue and less $ to spend with extra dumplings to munch!

After some cliched photo shots around The Rocks we headed out to Darlinghurst for some dessert. I'm amazed with how quick Wow Cow has grown in popularity. I still remember a couple of months ago when they first opened me and Moco barely saw anyone visit the shop (we were the few daring ones to try the samples and lured to buy more. tsk) But last Saturday the tables had turned, the inside and outside spots were full and there's quite a line after we ordered. I guess the frozen yoghurt hype has finally reached Sydney...

Ah I feel healthier having yoghurt as dessert as opposed to the normal ice cream I have. But of course healthier food just doesn't taste the same. The baked cinnamon bread sticks didn't even come close to these sinful deep fried churros!


  1. nice blog loco! luv it n can't wait to read what are you having for dinner tonite...

  2. Thanks babe a.k.a my junior HS friend how craved for din tai fung =p

    Our dinner tonight was Indo and Jap from Dixon's food court but didn't get a chance to take the photos since Moco already attacked it!