Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beef in Balinese Spices

Indo instant sauce is my best friend when I have a sudden craving of Indo food. Well this one was actually planned since we went to an Asian grocery store yesterday and decided to try the Bumbu Bali (Bali spices) paste. We also picked up some fresh kankong for $1.79! - this is why I always feel ripped off when I order greens in the restaurant. My heart sinks whenever I see a $13.90 kangkong stir fry.

The instant Bali spices turned out to be lovely, it has a little bit of chili but not too hot. And it smells so goood!

I added enormous amount of fried tofu due to the fact I adore tofu. I also added hard boiled eggs just because I can.

Dinner with garlic kangkong and peri-peri sauce on side

Hm..this has gotta be the shortest entry by far =p
SO tired! Nitey all x


  1. woot... didnt know lo jago masakk.. huehe

  2. lol jago sih kaga..namanya kepepet drpd makan di luar terus =p