Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hainan Chicken Rice with Sweet and Sour Chicken

In contrast to yesterday, I was on fire today. (Read: I wasn't being lazy...)

After a quick swim on the beach I went grocery shopping with just $15 in my pocket. Whilst on the beach I couldn't stop thinking about Hainanese chicken rice so we'll see if I could pull of dinner with that budget. I suppose the Chinese food strike didn't last too long..

I normally get fresh ginger supply from Moco's mom so imagine my shock when I saw the price of $24.99/kg for the ginger on the rack!

As the companion for the rice, I prepared sweet and sour chicken with not just pineapple, but also peas and carrots (yes home cooking = free fall recipes)

I've seen Moco's dad cook a similar dish before with tempura fish, but with my limited budget I could only afford chicken this time. I also followed his step to coat the chicken first but I'm pretty sure his dish tasted way better than mine ;p

smokin hot..

the combo with stir fry Chinese broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce

I'm so glad my shopping basket made the budget and it covered not just the dinner but I've also packed Moco's lunch for tomorrow :)

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