Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cabramatta Saturday

Ever since I found Cabramatta, I've never got a chance to look back. It has everything that I need. Pork chops, fresh spring rolls, Pho, snacks snacks snacks, sugar cane juice, and really I could just go on with a very long list of various foods.

Since I go there quite often I don't crave for pork chops or Pho like my other friends do. This time I had a craving for the Pad Thai from the Thai/Lao place in the 'No 1' food court. I'm quite picky with my Pad Thai but a while ago we tried the seafood Pad Thai and it surprisingly tasted so good! But to my disappointment, the taste has now changed, the price has gone up and the serving has shrunk by half and replaced by more bean sprouts! (gosh it kinda reminded me of the tiring roller coaster ride with Pad Thai in Thainatown)

Their chilli range were awesome, I like the sour taste in their chilli jam - it made my plain Pad Thai taste slightly better..

bottom left corner rocks my socks

Moco's Pad See Ew was a saviour at first. I think it's really good, it had the burnt wok taste that I like and the serving was not as stingy as the Pad Thai. That was until Moco found a piece of RAW chicken in the dish. I almost fainted. Ok not fainted but I did want to tell off the guy and got a new one or something. But Moco reminded me that we are in Cabra after all, and sadly as most Asian restaurants the best thing they can do just say sorry, chuck away the crazy bit (hair, flies, etc etc) and return your plate like nothing happened. Grr. Well at the end I did tell one of the girls and as predicted, she said sorry and left. boo.

Since I wasn't satisfied with the lunch, we were hunting for dessert at Kaysome (the land of fried banana, sweet potato chips and assorted sweets). This time I landed my eyes on the
sweet cassava - one small container without the coconut milk please!

great snack in the car =p

Fresh veggies on the street :)

I was half way satisfied but not quite there yet. Finally what really worked was the sugar cane drinks! The fresh ice sugar cane with the twist of orange was an instant boost, I immediately felt refreshed :)

Funny that we found the sugarcane prices are actually going down, not common but something that I could get used to (maybe it's the reduced prices that made me feel refreshed!). But then I think that's because the rival across the arcade are now also selling sugarcane at an even cheaper price! I didn't see it yesterday but next time I'll definitely give it a go..

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