Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vinh Phat

Wow my last dinner in 2009 was Chinese and my first dinner in 2010 was Chinese (my dad would be so proud - he loves Chinese food) =p

This restaurant is Moco's dad's fave restaurant and I've lost count how many times we've been there. I'm pretty sure he can eat there everyday if he had too..

The good thing of being a regular (they better, Moco's dad has been going there for more than 20 years I heard) dare I say is better service (always hard to talk about service in Chinese restaurants). So it was a bit disappointing to see our group of eight had been squeezed into a four seater and two seater table combined. Nevertheless we're here to eat not sit down in comfort.

Our first dish was the usual steamed oysters with ginger and spring onion. I think this place has trained me well to eat oysters. I don't fancy eating anything slimey (probably except jell0?) so oysters are definitely not my cup of tea. But eversince I tried the cooked oysters in this place, I actually quite enjoy them. But surely there's still a long way before I'm able to eat the raw ones..

At the time of the booking Moco's dad made a request to order the roast pigeon, so we had two of these birds as the next dish. After missing out on last night's duck oil soaked prawn crackers I was happy to find these crisp and crunchy. For those who haven't tried pigeon, it's a bit gamey almost like a mini duck but without the excess fat.

Next up was a second choice dish, since the deep fried whitebait was not available that night we had to resort to that old Aussie favourite Salt and Pepper Squid. Thankfully, they do it very good here, the squid was perfectly cooked and not too chewy at all, if a bit salty.

One of the more popular dishes at this restaurant was the stuffed scallops, which is a bit of a misnomer since it's prawn and fish dumplings stuffed with a scallop. These were great and always consistently good.

Our next dish was Teo Chiew Spring Rolls which instead of spring roll skin use a wrapping of bean curd sheets. Inside is a mix similar to the previous dumplings, using fish and prawn mince with a hint of water chestnuts for that extra crunch.

A late addition to our meal was the deep fried pork chops, more for the Moco's cousins who were with us than for the oldies. For some reason they had eaten before they arrived which really puzzled me so that meant more for us. These were nice and crisy although I was hoping for a bit more chilli to spice things up. Moco wanted to have these served with Bejing sauce but they weren't making those tonight either to his disappointment.

To accompany the pork chops we had a very standard serve of chinese brocolli and oyster sauce, nothing too special but it was an attempt to balance the meal.

Dessert was chopped oranges and another serve of red bean soup, however this one wasn't quite as good as what I had last night at Bar Luck.

I think by now, Moco's family are slowly getting used to me stopping them from attacking the food before I tried to capture a picture of each dish. So if you think some of the pictures a bit blurry that's because I only have one shot in under half a second to take the photo!

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