Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here comes the burritos..

I had a very lazy day yesterday, didn't feel like cooking nor to get dressed and eat out. Good thing Moco agreed to bring home some take away.

I was expecting some Jap bento as per our last phone conversation but look what he brought home!

Apparently the nearest Jap place is still closed on Mondays and as a result Moco grabbed two different burritos from two different places (I didn't even know I was surrounded by Mexican restaurants..)

Obviously from the paper bag, one of the burritos was from Mad Mex. But which one was it?

Is it the pork burrito with salsa rice and black beans?

Or is it the lamb burrito with corn and lime rice and a hint of jalapeno?

For some reasons I guessed Mad Mex' burrito would have a similar presentation and taste as Guzman Y Gomez.

So which one is your guess?

second look of burrito A

second look of burrito B

Whatever your guess is, I'll let you know one lil fact. I really enjoyed the quick dinner (take away = no dishes to be washed)

Good choice Moco!

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