Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Moco took me for a brunch the next day after the hens night. He's been to this cafe before and he thought I might like it too. From outside it certainly looked promising, from inside it also seemed to have all the factors that I like for a cafe. Cozy venue, extensive menu, and friendly waitress. What else can I ask for? Let me think. Hm..I'd like my meal to be fully cooked please.

How disappointing. My meal looked so great but when I cut through the sausage it looked so raw! And I am not a fan of raw food period.

At least the poached eggs were nice.

The friendly waitress took it back to kitchen to be re-cooked. It looked better when it came back but still when I cut it, the meat was so red! As I said the waitress was friendly, but I didn't say anything about the cook did I? Well that's because the chef was a snob. He obviously was not happy when I told the waitress the sausage still looked uncooked. He even came to our table and was a bit defensive of his cooking. I didn't want to make any drama so I waited for Moco to finish his meal and I just left the sausages.

Moco's haloumi omelet

Such a waste to leave the sausages untouched, but what can I do? I paid the meal and I believe I deserved to request the meal the way I wanted it. Cooked.

I know it might be just one of those days when it's too hectic and you just can't control your day, if only the cook was more humble and more understanding. But obviously that was not the case. Shame, but I shall hold back the temptation to go back there. As much as I wanted to go back there and try the other menu. Surely there will be plenty more cafes who offered cooked meals.

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