Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chat Thai

Wow more than two weeks ago since the last post. I left my camera at a friend's place and just got a chance to get it back yesterday! So unfortunately some of the food during the camera-less period were taken by my mobile :(

I think we're about 20 entries behind so let's get cracking yea? Traveling back in time to dinner two weeks ago when my cousin and her husband came to visit. She heard of this place highly praised by her brother when he came last time, so after lining up for more than an hour she decided no food is worth that wait.

Well I personally tend to avoid to line here but got no choice that night. And besides I prefer to go here at supper, simple reason: less queue, better menu.

For the starter we had satay - two chickens and two porks

Moco decided to try something new that night, so he ordered the bamboo shoots salad. I personally not a big fan of bamboo shoots so my opinion could be biased. But Moco said it was okay, a bit spicy but not too bad. As for myself I tried it only one bite and that was it. It reminded me of artichokes which I also disliked. My cousin also felt the same so the dish was shared between Moco and my cousin's hubby :)

Next couple of dishes just standard dishes that we normally ordered in here. I barely remember the original name so I'd just write mostly the ingredients =p

Prawn and omelette with tamarind based sauce

The dry suki is one of my fave dishes, and they cooked it so well here :)

The basil chicken that made me sweaty (it's so spicy!)

It's quite lots of dishes for four people especially since my cousin didn't eat too much (at least not as much as I did) hence unfortunately we had to call of the dessert. Till next time cuz!

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