Tuesday, January 26, 2010

China Grand and Kebab's Night

I'm not sure how many posts I could do today but let's see how we go :)

I haven't seen my girlfriends for a while so we decided to had a catch-up brunch, i.e yum cha. For some reasons we always had yumcha everytime we met up, but at different locations - should really think of something else for next time!

But anyway who am I kidding, I love yumcha - let's just keep the ritual.
This time we picked China Grand's restaurant just above Market City. That restaurant kept on changing name for the past ten years, I wonder why..

Me and my other friend are a big fan of tofu so we always ordered this one!

Tofu and eggplant with stuffed mince pork

Moco and I rarely ordered fried stuff in yumcha, so these dishes are a treat for me =p

Deep friend scallop dumplings with mayo

Deep fried seafood dumplings

Prawn rice rolls with soy sauce

Prawn har gau - my mandatory yum cha dish

Egg tart - my mandatory yum cha dessert!

One of my friends was late so we didn't order as much as we normally do, but it's okay that just meant we had more room for coffee. And especially I had to prepare myself for the kebab night..

Fast forward to the night, we got invited to Moco's friend place. His friend's neighbour was kindly brought over his own kebab machine. Check this out..

Home-made tabouli

I've never known anyone who owns a kebab machine before so it's pretty cool, a private platter in the backyard :)

The Lot!

The oil residue..ouch.

Home-made tiramisu

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