Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dayao Thai and San Churro

As promised, we took my cousin and his wife for a fresh Thai dinner, for choices we were torn between Spice I am, Chat Thai or any random Thai restaurant in Newtown. We decided to bring them to Newtown just to get a different feeling outside of the city but we didn't take them to any random Thai restaurant of course. Instead we took them to Dayao Thai, yes it's a chain and normally we try to avoid them but this one is actually pretty darn good. We went here last time for a friend's birthday and we totally had a big banquet and probably only paid $30/person inc the corkage and treated the birthday girl :)

The place is quite ample for Newtown, but last night the crowd managed to fill in every corner of it. Good thing we made a booking the day before hence we got our table secured. For the entree we placed an order for the chicken wings stuffed with mince and the prawn tom yam goong. The chicken wings were pretty good although not the best I've had, and same verdict applied for the tom yam goong. Its sourness is definitely up there and whilst it tasted better than most of tom yam goongs that I've had but once again, not the best.

$8 for two chicken wings with sweet chili sauce..

We ordered three mains, the first one was the whole bbq chicken (I think we could have got away with just half a chicken though), whole deep fried fish with curry paste, tofu and vegis stir fried with basil.

The winner for the night (for me!)

The winner for the night (for my cousin ^_^)

There's always room for dessert..

3/4 cream 1/4 chocolate drink?

Triple chocolate attacks

It's been a while since my last visit to San Churro, they don't have my fave Buddha Baci anymore, so I ordered the closest which just the normal hazelnut hot choco, but for some reasons it doesn't taste the same and it tasted way too sweet for my tastebud. Actually it's too sweet for everyone on the table hence sadly we had to leave it wasted ;(

But it's paid of with the dark chocolate sauce with the churros, it tasted better that what I remembered ;)

Love fresh churros with dark chocolate dipping..

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