Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas' eve potluck

Yay we're almost on track again..

We need to prepare two dishes for Christmas eve and Christmas day hence the work started on Wednesday night, after the quick dinner at Umami we prepared the meatballs for the eve, we made the sauce and fried the meatballs on Thursday so it's still fresh.

Pork and veal mince meatballs with chorizo, kransky, mushroom, carrot in tomato sauce

And luckily I still had time to bake a chocolate cake (and plus I just wanted to have some reason to use the bundt pan again!)
One lesson I learnt from using the frozen berries is not to use the frozen berries. They are so sour and I had to put extra icing sugar to make them edible!

Chocolate cake with mixed berry icing

Some of the potluck dishes at my friend's place..

1 kg of roast pork with crunchy skin

the skin mysteriously kept on going missing..

honey ribs, my friend marinated the bones until they were really soft!

the lot with oxtail soup

I think I got ulcers by eating too much meat and no greens! unless you count shallots and parsley..

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