Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cottage Point Kiosk and Limani Seafood

Despite of the heavy rain we still went for a road trip. Well I actually thought the rain stopped at some point in the trip, but you know normally the more you think it will then it won't. So as you might have guessed the rain actually stopped when we got back home. Umm..anyway enough about me being a bitter anchorwoman.

I lurve road trip. Main reason is probably somehow I feel less guilty to non stop snacking in the car? And I also love the fuss going to grocery shop and prepare all the junk, I was even willing to ride the bike to get some more food. Anything for some lovin..

The day started early-ish, just early enough to get breakfast at Maccas. We actually made two trips to Maccas since after picking up my friends, they also wanted some Maccas..

We didn't actually go too far, seemed that we only drove to have an excuse having some fatty food. It only took us less than two hours to reach our first destination. Without wasting time at our first stop (if you didn't count Maccas as the first stop..) we went straight to the cafe which probably the only kiosk/cafe at Cottage Point. The price was not cheap but I guess it's the benefit of being the only shop surrounded by water.

Once we saw what's on display, it only took us two seconds to know what we wanted to order. Six of us decided to order the same thing, the luscious looking scones..

Warm home made scones with fresh cream and jam

three sets of identical orders (well with various types of coffee and teas of course)

If only the weather was better we'd be able to sit on the deck and enjoying the view, instead we had to sit inside and facing the walls..
But I guess it only made my soy latte tasted even better :)

Anyway up we go...between the next lunch destination we grabbed some snacks to be exhibited..

one of my friends half buried with our treasures..

It's quite tough to find a lunch spot during holiday, the rain optioned out to have a picnic too. We ended up crashing at this restaurant ( which my friend found using the iPhone apps). The restaurant looked a bit too fancy at first but considering the special deal they had, I guess it wasn't too bad. ($27 for one main and a dessert!)

I quite like the design of the restaurant, it reminds me of the Boat House at the Black Wattle Bay. With the 1950s music on air and the hanging lights at the corner, it brings out a relax and romantic atmosphere. The venue is certainly perfect for a wedding reception ;p

Moco's fish and chips

To be
honest there's nothing special with this dish, the fish was actually a bit tough for Moco (and for another friend who ordered the same).

My Roast Pork Belly

This is the entree size and actually more Moco's request since I personally wouldn't order a pork belly. I was still full from all the snacks I had for the past hours so I didn't really mind..yes yes I know it's unhealthy but I could just eat chips and snacking around and skip the entire lunch and dinner ;(

Pan Fried Veal with Beans and Mashed Potatoes

According to my friend the veal was again too tough, the meat was overly cooked I supposed. But as in the picture, they're quite generous for the portion..

Barramundi with butternut pumpkin and sauce

I personally think this is the winner dish for the day. The pumpkin was naturally sweet and the barramundi was so soft and tasty. However my other friend who also ordered the same dish thought his dish was too salty (we suspected the chef might put a lil too much salt in his plate..)

Now moving to desserts time..

Toblerone Pate with caramel sauce and peanut coated ice creams

It's Moco's lucky day, I don't eat caramel or anything that's too sweet so basically for this dessert I only ate the ice creams and tried as much as I can to avoid the sauce. Again, there's nothing special with the toblerone pate..

Strawberry Panacotta with chocolate ice creams served in biscotti

Great dessert. The Panacotta was so smooth and not too sweet. Definitely the winner dessert for me!

The Citrus cake with lemon sauce and fresh cream

This one wasn't bad either. The tangy-ness was just right (hence it didn't leave a bitter after taste in the mouth like my last lemon cake!)

The aftermath..

The trip concluded with our lil visit to Ben and Jerry's new outlet at Manly!
I know you wouldn't think we could stuff another dessert in just less of an hour gap eh? Well you just never know if you never try..

Quite a line..


Gosh my sugar intake that day certainly went up!
Can't wait for the next road trip though. We're actually going again on New Year's day, but this time we're going with Moco's family. So I'm not sure in what degree they'll let me snacking all day ;)

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