Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Le Pain Quotidien

Another night of dessert..what happened to my pre-wedding diet?

Well technically it's worse, it was a full on four courses dinner but I only managed to take the last dessert photos since I forgot to bring my camera and my mobile's battery was dying *bang head to the wall*. Hence no proof taken, let's just count this as a dessert night shall we?

I actually never knew LPQ have a cafe/shop/restaurant/bakery in Surry Hills, it's a very European deco I supposed with the long communal table. I like it, it reminds me of Bourke Street Bakery's table a bit but that would be a separate post.

From memory, I had:

Entree/ Finger food:
-Selections of organic breads, various dips and veggies
-Board of bruschetta with assorted cheese, dried tomatoes, figs, avocado.. (I'm still learning slowly to increase my dairy intake!)
-Creamy chilled zucchini soup (This is interesting. I can't say I enjoyed it much though 0_o)
-Tofu steak with sun dried tomato and rocket salads (This one is my fave, I heart tofu!)

Salmon with baby spinach and mashed potato

Organic white wine

The dessert I chose was the pineapple with black pepper and cocoa caramelized sauce with ice creams..who'd know pineapple and pepper will go really well!

And the night closed off with a cup of, I mean a bowl of..chamomile tea :)

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