Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ryo's Noodle and Cha For Tea

My cousin just arrived to town so we're taking him to one of our favorites noodle places in Sydney. I'm not usually a big fan of noodles (except probably Indomie mie goreng) but this one stole my heart from my first visit. The noodles are just right, not too soft, not too chewy and the broth is so tasty (sometimes I think it's too salty but still yummy). My fave part is probably the egg yolk :)

I was starving after the long queue (as always) so was tempted to get three entrees but ended up being sensible and ordered two entrees, my usual chicken karaage and the gyoza. Chicken karaage is fresh and crunchy and I tasted a hint of ginger in the gyoya, so I'm happy.

quick, only two gyozas left!

For the noodles I decided to be boring and ordered my usual Tokyo Ramen, and start to pretending that I'm back in Tokyo.

Unfortunately my cousin wasn't too hungry so he just shared my ramen (apparently he just ate a burger meal before we picked him up...grrr)

Moco's decided to try something different and ordered the day's special which was ramen in curry soup with fried fish balls. The fish balls were quite interesting, it's like one of the snacks I used to eat when I was a kid lol

It turned out my cousin didn't fancy the ramen as much as we do. He found the base was too oily and salty so I think the next mission is to bring him for a nice fresh Thai place :)

So after the dinner, we head to Cha For Tea in Chatswood to satisfy some sweet tooth demands. I used to go there a lot when I was in uni but I haven't been to this place for ages since they opened their branch in the city. I love their green tea ice cream although I found their constantly increasing prices was a bit annoying. This time I ordered a new thing, a mountain of crushed ice with peanuts and pearls with of course the green tea ice creams. It's refreshing but man the peanuts made me cough all night..

The good thing is my cousin seemed happy with his choice of mountain of crushed ice with red been..

And oh I didn't take the photo of Moco's drink since he only ordered an ice peppermint chocolate hehe. It's not bad but it just doesn't look fancy. Oh well he already got the fancy one earlier at dinner ;)

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