Tuesday, December 29, 2009

El Jannah

For some reasons we always got hungry at 3pm these last couple of days. I think mainly because we're on holiday waking up late and having brunch instead of our usual breakfast.

Anyway Moco's friends have been raving a lot about the great charcoal chicken near Granville station for so long and since we're in the neighbourhood we decided to try it. Not many shops were open on that day so when we saw a relatively busy charcoal chicken place at the corner we thought it must be it. However the sign was quite big and the joint looked very commercial. Personally I thought if it's a good charcoal chicken near a train station the shop can't be look that fancy. So I told Moco to call his friend to check. And I was right, that place definitely not it, we overlooked a small chicken shop up the street that was half the size of this commercial restaurant and inside had double the line.

line was getting longer and longer and by 3.15pm it almost reached the front door

Most of the people were actually having a take away (only $5 for half of chicken take away!), as for dine-in the price inflated a bit but I think it's still pretty good value. We got the half chicken combo (with lebanese bread, pickles and the famous garlic sauce) for $10.

half of the chicken combo

The plate looked so pretty with the combination colours of the pickles (I don't eat pickles so Moco's happily eating them all - but still I think the plate looked pretty..)

The chicken was very succulent and already delicious without the garlic sauce, but once you added the garlic sauce you just can't stop using it for your next bite.

Moco and I are positively assured this is the best garlic sauce we've had, and whilst I agreed the chicken was above average, I'm still not convinced that this is the best charcoal chicken we've had. At this point my heart still belongs to the charcoal chicken near the old CBA in Fairfield, can't wait for my next trip there so I can show you the piccies :)

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