Friday, December 11, 2009

My very first Lemon cake

As you know there's always be the first time for everything and most of the times you just don't know when.
Just like you never know when would be your first time to grate a lemon, scrape its skin and squeeze its juice.

Mine was yesterday when I was suddenly in the mood for baking a lemon cake.
And not just a lemon cake, but a round cake with the hole in the middle (I think it's called a bundt pan? not sure)

First thing first, I need to buy that round bakeware. Lucky the corner store sells it.

And let the baking began..

Some people might know this already, but for who doesn't, when I bake I never follow the recipe. And yes I still don't have a measuring cup whatsoever.

For this recipe, I used brown sugar instead of caster sugar simply because I don't have caster sugar. I used soy milk instead of normal milk, for the same apparent reason. And I added almond meal since I love it.

I'd like to think the result was not that bad, but I think in the future I will try not to forget to grease the middle part of the pan (my cake was a bit stuck!) and I will also reduce my excitement in adding the lemon rind (love the tangy taste but too much lemon could lead to unwanted bitter aftertaste, but no worries it's an easy fix with icing sugar or some ice creams) the smell of fresh lemon :)
Nitey all x

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