Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bassim and Alrose

Another dinner out on Wednesday. Think we like to eat out more on weekdays and cook on weekends :)

This time the choice was easy, since we had to meet our wedding photographer in Strathfield, we had already planned to have dinner around the area. And you know the rule, if you're in Strathfield you gotta eat Korean (seriously..)

Our choice came to Bassim since I haven't been to this place for ages. We ordered pork ribs, beef ribs and the mushroom platter. We just realized we had pork ribs last Wednesday too and that's when this blog was born (happy one week anniversary locomoco's eating world! ;p)

The side dishes and dipping sauce..

The restaurant was quite busy for a Wednesday night and I found the table extremely hot. They're using hot coals for the BBQ so we can't really control the heat but it resulted in a nice char-grilled effect on our ribs. As in $ value I think it's pretty standard for a Korean BBQ (probably $1-$3 extra than usual Korean BBQ actually), the meat itself is beautifully marinated, very soft and juicy but I'd personally prefer my usual Korean BBQ in the city (and plus they provide better unlimited side dishes hehe). What I found special here, was the rice. They give you red rice instead of white rice and I think it gives a healthier kinda feeling (er..just the rice of course, disregard the fact that there's fatty ribs on your plate)


In progress..


Oddly we bumped into our friends in the restaurant whom I just chatted to on the phone. So we decided to have dessert afterwards next door. She's been raving about this drink from this place for ages and I still haven't had the chance to try it until yesterday. It turned out that I love it! The drink's called grain smoothie and it tasted somekind like horlick/oatmeal and left a dry aftertaste in your mouth. Ah..wish I had it right now with me ^_^

Grain Smoothie..

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