Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I can't praise this place enough. From 1-10 rate, I'd give it an eleven. That's how much I love this place. Maybe the caffeine boost I had just kicked in and interfere my judgement, but who cares.

On one side I'd like to keep this place for myself, but on the other side, I'm dying to tell the world how great this place is. Well I finally decided to spread the joy today (since they're now frequently reviewed by media and won the small business awards, it's quite hard to keep it as your small secret place anymore lol)

So what I like about it? I think I like..the beautiful corner at the window where I normally seat on the weekend, the long table in the middle where I'm currently seating to work my ass off for the past couple of months (or that's what I suppose to do now but instead I write this hehe), the friendly and helpful staff/owner that might regret to let me stay in to use the internet for.ever, the amazing ice coffee, the great range of books, the cool toilet, the mysterious basement, the awesome selections of music, and seriously I just love this place from the very bottom of my heart, I don't know how many hours, minutes, seconds that I've spent in this cafe.

I feel so lucky for the fact I just live across the street from this place and able to visit this place at least once a week :)

Here's my second round of ice coffee today (with ice creams) and the bowl of the sinful chips.

can't resist to dip one of the chips into the tomato sauce before taking the photo..oops ;)

Where I'm able to have books, ice creams and chips in one place, that's definitely one of my happy places on earth!

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