Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bondi Mongers and Pompei

Wow it's been seven days since our last post! Well I guess Christmas season could take the blame. Merry Christmas to you all and happy Boxing day! Just less than a week to 2010!

I'm gonna try to catch up with the blogs so let's do a quick round up of some shots I took in the past seven days so hopefully soon I could post some Christmas shots!

From memory we went with my cousin for dinner last Sunday night in Bondi at this fish and chips shop. The place was recommended by my other cousin, and I was actually quite surprised how much I enjoyed the choice. I was thinking of standard fish and chips but they were definitely not the ordinary fish and chips I normally have at the seafood shop. Even though we couldn't pick and point the fish here, the concept is quite similar with the gourmet fish and chips at Paddo.

Personally I like Mongers better though..I love their corn and sweet potato chips the most (what fish?)

Moco's Monger box (fish with calamari rings and sweet potato chips)

My Portugese's Warho with salad..

the fish gank..

Straight after we strolled around for some dessert. With the choice between yoghurt and gelato, we decided that some pistachio and hazelnut would be the right way to end the night. Great choices of gelato but I think the eat in price is a bit up there ($10.50 for 2 scoops..)

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