Friday, December 31, 2010

The Poet

Okay I've been really bad in uploading new posts, but yesterday I promised myself I will do one more post in 2010. I've got precisely three more hours before the year ends..

So here we go..literally our last meal in 2010..

pretty red teapot..

oh it might be a 'lil be sad, but not many Chinese resto give free prawn crackers, so I better take evidence.

deep fried chicken with Sichuan chili. It was silly of me to challenge Moco to eat the dried chili. I can't feel my tongue for two minutes.

eggplant with mince pork and fish sauce, love the generous ginger

xiao long bao - surprisingly nice! well our first judgement the skin looked a bit thick, but it was very tasty and soupy :)

not a big fan for handmade noodle, but Moco always in the mission to find a good handmade noodle.

the lot

A bit of a rush, but at least I get to keep my promise :)

Now that my mission is done, I better get ready to see the fireworks!!


See you soon in 2011 - trust me is one of my new year's resolutions is to post more, wish me luck!


  1. where is the place? i love Sichuan food.

  2. Hello, this one is at Top Ryde City's La Piazza. check this out :)