Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Zealand - South Island

Lots of people gave us a funny look when we said we wanted to do a campervan road trip in NZ for our honeymoon. But I think it's exciting, we wanted to go to a place where Moco and I both haven't been before, and surprisingly (considering how close the location is) we both haven't been to South Island. And also the fact that Moco and I always wanted to try to travel with a campervan. So here's bits and pieces during our 10 days road trip. And yes I figured I should update the blog now before our first wedding anniversary and omg it's actually less than three months away, how time flies!

Here's the burger in our first night in Christchurch (when we also experienced an aftershock from the earthquake, luckily only a small and quick one)

And for comparison here's the famous ferg burger in Queenstown. oh dear. highway to heart attack, with style.

Not until someone pointed out to me, I just realized we had lots of burgers and chips on the trip! But really it was like the easiest thing that's available. You have no idea how desperate we were for Asian food and even though the instant noodle fulfiled my needs temporarily. I need something a bit more proper, i.e: rice. Lucky we found Kohan, the only Jap restaurant that still opens at Lake Tekapo after 1pm. Nothing's special with the food, and especially not with the price, but oh the view..the view is priceless. Gazing through the window with my rice = happiness.

one of my fave views at lake tekapo..

I just don't understand why most of the Asian resto closed so early there? And I thought Australian restaurants close early, pfft.

Well the food on the road always can be a hit and miss. Luckily the worst food we had was the venison stew and grilled chicken, that doesn't look like any of the descriptions. Make me miss the burgers indeed.

But that's it, that's the only food I probably I didn't finish in the trip. The rest of the food we had were divine. Must be the fresh produce that they have been using. Fresh salmon and lamb with a very reasonable prices.

beautiful pork ribs and sunday roast special at Te Anau's pub

one of the breakfasts menu in our first hotel, hotel so - good value budget hotel, but don't expect a window :)

beer battered oysters

Bonjour - a nice and cosy French cafe at Arrowtown

Even though we went in the middle of October the NZ weather was still crazily cold (other words - forgive our crazy appetites for comfort food). Snow is still common during spring and even the local said snow sometimes still come in December, right in the middle of summer. Goodness me and I thought Melbourne's weather is moody. pfft #2.

And...here's our last night in Christchurch, our highlight of the trip. Putting aside the fact that we finally stayed in a gorgeous boutique hotel after staying in a campervan for so many nights, but I'm talking about the beautiful food that we had in their in-house restaurant! Check out Moco's lamb shank, it's just melted in your mouth!! Ah..memories..

our last burger in Christchurch from Burger King, love the wedges!

wonderful event to put Cantebury together after the 2010 earthquake. Our hearts go to the people who were affected in the recent earthquake..

lucky we've been listening to kiwi's artists on the road :)

So that's it, we finally did it. Road trip in a campervan to a place that we've never been. I remember some days can be really tricky, i.e running out of petrol in a winding road at night or experienced a thunder storm inside the van etc, but really I won't change it for a thing.

til later NZ..

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