Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visit to Vietnam

Okay..two months gap from my last post. Not happy, what happened to my NY resolution? Anyway on more positive side now I can post all the Travel related posts at once :)

This trip started with a drama. I (yep me and only me) failed to fly with the group, so I've lost two days from my already short trip..hence once I finally got on board, I tried to eat as much as I can in five days. Gotta do what you gotta do.

It's actually the first time Moco and I went to Vietnam (plus all our immediate family) so it's quite interesting that eight of us spent 5 days 24/7 in a foreign country hehe. Luckily Moco's parents can speak fluent Vietnamese but I guess that's also unfortunate since most of the times we had to follow them to a restaurant instead of trying the food on the street. Hence whenever possible we always try to run away. We just wanna try to get sick and use our sick leaves at work but of course that didn't happen, bless our iron tummy.

To be honest I was actually quite disappointed with the food, maybe I had too high expectation as always. Yes the food is good but IMHO Vietnamese food in Australia is better!! And Moco agreed with me. And so their parents, and my parents. So you know I didn't make this up. I think the key different was in the fresh ingredients and the quality of the product itself. There's no doubt that they have more variety in the food and the price was incredibly cheap and made me almost cried when we get back to Sydney (but again I always had that syndrome whenever we get back from any Asia country)

I just realized I still used my old camera in this trip, hence the poor quality (that's the excuse I'm currently hold..)

So enough blabbing, here are some photos of the goods..

this might not look too appealing..

starting to get into shape..

Voila! crunchy pork skins yeah!

the garnish (didn't know quail eggs are popular in Vietnam)

Ah..if only Bondi sells this too!

One of my fave viet dishes sour fish soup

crab on the boat, yeh Moco parents decided to be tacky and took us to the touristy boat restaurant..

of course gotta served sugarcane prawn for the tourist..

Ah..now we're talking..

few stands at the night market..

choose fresh clams on the beach..

love fresh clams!

perfect companion, nevermind the giant ice block

pho for breakfast, not complaining

one of the chinese restaurants in vietnam, hone cooking style

banh mi for the road trip..woohoo!

beautiful lantern setting in the resto, wish i can remember the name. but it's at the back alley of a pho resto on the main street. yep back alley.

love everything in the resto, the setting and the dishes. the price is slightly more expensive but i think it's worth it..love eating on the traditional plate

gotta have kfc in every country!

interesting fusion dish, wasabi rice cracker prawn..

you have no idea how far we walked to visit this resto. Moco found it in one of the food blogs and turned out the resto just recently moved so we walked back and forward to find it (Moco refused to catch a taxi or a bus..)

ah..finally, the reward after walking so much in the heat!!

the renovated/ recently moved restaurant is massive, lots of food for sure!

Ban Than market, unfortunately we're too full to eat more. darn that springroll is like waving at me right now..

last ice coffee viet style on the trip ;)

I think next time Moco and I get a chance to go to Vietnam again, we'd like to explore the North side and eat more stuff like in Luke Nguyen's TV show ;)

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