Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dragon Bowl Seafood Restaurant

When Moco said his dad wanted to take us to try a new Chinese restaurant, I was almost fainted *exaggeration mode on*. I have never been to a new restaurant with his dad. We always go to the restaurants that he's already been for ages. So this must be his NY resolution to try something new (or so I assumed).

Very honest restaurant. They certainly don't want to take blames for MSG side effects complaints ;)

Hm..kimchi in a chinese restaurant? that's new.

Cleansing soup..

Fresh fish ready to be cooked

Dinner time, let's rock and roll!!

First dish, giant scallop with vermicelli and XO sauce.

generous vermicelli and fresh scallop..yumm..

The signature dish, crackling pork skin with garlic chives. I find this dish is interesting, very oily but very addictive too hehe.

Prawn and scallop balls, pretty good but still can't beat the one from Moco's dad favorite restaurant. There's a reason why Moco's dad always go there for the past 20 years.

Salt and pepper squid mixed with white bait, definitely got Moco's attention.

The fresh steam fish, another Moco's territory, pretty sure he finished 1/2 of the fish himself.

ahh..service :)

The usual red bean dessert

Ah just the thought of all the food that night made me hungry now although I don't know is it because the MSG warning or if it's true, but we did think the food was MSG overloaded and felt so thirst afterwards lol.

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