Saturday, January 8, 2011


Didn't plan to eat Indian that night especially all the way to Harris Park, but we definitely don't mind to travel for good authentic food :)

Our first dish was the saffron chicken, which both moco and I enjoyed much.

Full of flavour..hmm..

Unfortunately the wait to the next dish took way longer than expected. Thali supposed to be quick since mainly all the dishes have been pre-made but this gotta be the longest Thali I've ever had to wait.

Luckily it tasted good but the wait has made Moco and I felt full prematurely which leads to a lower satisfaction level of our Masala Dosa.

Overall it's a beautiful Saturday night just to chill outside under the stars eating some curry..

Billu's is location on Harris Park's major road and quite big compared to other Indian restaurants around it. People were coming non-stop and still more people came to the restaurant closer to 10pm. They have an exciting variety of food and services from travel agency to ATM machine. But personally I don't recommend going there too late unless of course you know the area well - basic rules apply to any suburb actually :)

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