Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CNY - eve and day ;)

I'm pretty sure I got so many things I wanted to write about CNY dinner on that day but now I just have a big cloud blocking it - which now leave me to write just bits and pieces that I could remember.

I think I'm gonna change my strategy in catching up the post, I'll post the newer event first so it's still fresh in my mind and then slowly going back to the old posts -wait how does it work? umm.. maybe hopefully by then I can remember more the old events? Hm..doesn't sound like a good strategy anymore eh? Oh well we'll see whichever works :)

Back in time, straight after Deus we head to Moco's parents place and greeted by a sexy chick (yet so unlucky) on the table

It's not alone, its companion the duck just rested next to it, not the best shot but Moco's mom was in a hurry to prepare the prosperity salad and trust me I had no intention to delay it ;)

So yeh luckily we managed to come in time just before Moco's mom do some chopping and transform this..

and this..

To this..!

OH..It's so yummy and refreshing to have this salad in CNY since it's almost always fall in Summer

I missed out the making of the shark fin soups so could only took photos of the after-math..

Personally I like the other type of soup that we had in previous CNY - it's the recipe from Moco's grandad so it doesn't feel just like a typical shark fin soups but of course won't complain with this either. Don't forget to add a teaspoon of XO to the soup..delish!

Most of the food were ready to be heated up as well

The trademark fish..

Remember to place the fish to face inside for some luck!

Sea cucumber and Abalone pot

Marinated chicken wings - from memory was left untouched, why eat chicken if you can eat the salad hehe

On the next day, which is the real CNY day we had much simpler meal. By that I mean, no meat involved. Traditionally they have a vegetarian day but Moco and I were specially treated, we're allowed to have meat as long our first meal was a vegetarian. Again I never complained, I love veggies anyway :)

Cleansing soup..

Assorted mushrooms

More Veggies..

The Yin and Yang beancurd and mushroom - how creative is Moco's mom?!

"The so-called prawns"

"The so-called salty fish"

Let's pray and eat :)

Oh and this year we also managed to go to the temple! Moco's mom normally prefer to go the night before so it wasn't too busy but I remember that night we had a thunderstorm.

It's sprinkling a little bit when we went but surely didn't stop people to come and queued for the free vegetarian noodle from the temple!

apparently it's you'll be lucky if you can throw the coin into the hole :)

Busy business this year!

Oh so hard to get the photo, so many people were trying to push in to get some red bags!!

'Till next CNY folks! Hope it's not too late to say may this Dragon year will bring good luck to all of you :)

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