Sunday, March 28, 2010


I remember we had brunch at Deus on 14th February, not because of Valentine's day but because it was Chinese New Year and we needed to go to Moco's parents for dinner so we decided to have only one meal before the dinner.

We got there about 11ish I think, and the queue was already long. I couldn't say the place was small, cause it wasn't that small. So it's just really full because there were lots of people, it's quite interesting since I didn't find the cafe's location is convenient where people can just walk pass through and what's more interesting the cafe is also selling bikes and bikes related items!

We had to wait quite a while for our food but thankfully we didn't have to wait too long for our coffees. Being me, I actually moved a couple of times until I was satisfied to find a small cozy spot at the corner. Yeah it's busy but I refused to sit in front of the loo or being squeezed to fit into the long communal table =p

Moco's brunch was not my cup of tea, in fact the prosciutto freaked me out a little bit ( I don't know, I'm just not a fan of cold meat) but the poached egg on the top of the asparagus was absolutely great.

I ordered the sausage and beans which apparently one of the popular dishes there. But I think my highlight was the fresh spinach leaf on the top of my sausage, it really balanced the taste of good and evil in my mouth ;0

I think it's a cozy place to catch up with friends but if you just wanted to have a quick bite, it's not recommended to go there on weekends brunch :)

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