Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chong Siam

Ugh don't know where to start, two weeks after we moved in there are still boxes that we haven't unpacked, let alone try and catch up with the blog. Lame excuse I know.

But hey the moment has come, I am now trying to do my best and aim to catch up by this week since next week I'll be away for more than a month (will still take food photos during holiday of course but don't think I'll have the Internet access handy there..)

OK let's roll.

As you're already now, Moco and I are not big fans of lining up for Chat Thai, however every time we 'had' to go out for dinner there we always passed this Thai restaurant not far from it, probably just 4 shops away? So that night we finally decided to give it a go.

The photo at the front of the restaurant that lured us was the soft shell crab Pad Thai, so it would be a crime if we didn't order that.

It's actually quite interesting since I've never had Pad Thai in that style before, plus I'm really picky with the rice noodle that's been used, it gotta be the right width, the right stickiness and of course the right taste all of which was dutifully applied - teehee!

The Boat Soup that we thought would come first as an entree actually came last. It's quite yummy for a $4 soup although it's also quite oily (yesh there's a high correlation between being oily and yummy).

The other dish we ordered that night was the Rad-Na, which I truly enjoyed. The flat noodles and the gravy were just the perfect match (I remember I almost burnt my tongue due to my impatience that night,it was more than a month ago but really it feels just like yesterday)
I just realized the Rad-Na photo is blurry, hm..let's just say it's the ambience of the restaurant =p

There's also another dish that attracted us that night but we're too full. Well for me the restaurant offers good food, great prices and no queue so surely there would be a next time for me to show you the dish :)

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